Story Name:- 10 Active and Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World

May 18, 2015


Our planet earth is full of surprises. One side the earth has it highest and coldest peek on the other hand it is so deep that it goes near the extremely hot mantle of the earth. It shows the endless possibilities of uncountable more facts and features of the earth which are to be explored and known to. Earth has got its own structure to exhale the excess amount of hot liquid inside in the form of lava and huge dust. This lava can be so hazardous that it can take lives. There are many volcanoes on the earth which may be proved to be the killers. Here comes the list and basic information of 10 active and most dangerous volcanoes on the earth.

 Yellowstone Super Volcano

The Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest in the United States and third largest in the world, is seen in Yellowstone National Park,

Country: United States of America

Elevation: 3,142 m

Last Erupted: 1350 BC

 Mt. Vesuvius Volcano


Country: Italy

Elevation: 1,281 m

Last Erupted: 1944

Popocatepetl Volcano


Country: Mexico

Elevation: 5,426 m

Last Erupted: 2013

Prominence: 3,020 m

Sakurajima Volcano


Country: Japan

Elevation: 1,117 m

Last Erupted: 2014

Galeras Volcano


Country: Columbia

Elevation: 4,276 m

Last Erupted: 2010

Mt. Merapi Volcano


Country: Indonesia

Elevation: 2,930 m

Last Erupted: 2010

Prominence: 1,356 m

Mt. Nyiragongo Volcano


Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Elevation: 3,470 m

Last Erupted: 2011

Ulawun Volcano


Country: Papua New Guinea

Elevation: 2,334 m

Last Erupted: 2007

Prominence: 2,334 m

Taal Volcano


Country: Philippines

Elevation: 311 m

Last Erupted: 1977

Mauna Loa Volcano


Country: Hawaii

Elevation: 4,169 M

Last Erupted: 1984

Prominence: 2,158 m

The intensity of hazards of any volcanic eruption depends on its type. Basically the eruptions are classified under two categories Magmatic eruptions (due to explosive decompression from gas releases) and Phreatomagmatic eruptions (due to thermal contraction arise from water and magma interaction. Information and pictures in the article are inspired by Wikipedia and credit of used images goes to it. Either the volcanic eruption is tiny or huge, it is recommended that if you reside near such areas; always evacuate even with a small intuition of volcanic monster to excrete debris, ash, lava and many such substances. Awareness leads to a safer life.

Vikrant Dhama

Born on the day when 44th Golden Globes Award function was organized. The day itself was an auspicious one. Since then I have been known to many and many people known or unknown to me. I believe in research and explore the logic behind everything that happens around and I notice it. Writing is not a developed skill it is a developing skill for all. It keeps on developing since one starts writing and so as for me.

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