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July 1, 2015

India is the country with many colors of feelings in life and feeling of anxiety is one of them. If we observe our and others’ lifestyle very closely then I am sure that we will find that we all are suffered from one or the other type of anxiety in our life. Yes, I am sure that the percentage may vary but we all have some part of all the enlisted phobias.

Scroll down and found which of the listed phobias is most prominent in your life.

Nomophobia - Core RoarNomophobia – Core Roar

1. Oh! Where is my Mobile?

The anxiety which results when there is no network coverage, no battery in the mobile or not seeing your mobile for some time is one of the most common phobia. Such an anxiety is called as Nomophobia. “Nomo” can be referred to as “No Mobile”.

Symptoms: When you are unable to see your mobile or its network and you feel anxious thinking, “don’t know who might be calling?” .If such fear is very frequent and regular then the chances of your having Nomophobia are more.

Remedies: Start keeping your phone away from you for 10 minutes and then increase the time. The day when you stay away from your phone for more than 10 hours without any fear, you must feel relaxed because you overcame your Nomophobia.

Social Phobia - Core RoarSocial Phobia – Core Roar

2. Somebody must be judging me?

The dread of being judged by someone in general or of being embarrassed is named as Social Phobia. It is very common fear amongst the people in India.

Symptoms: When you go out and think that the people around you are judging you and they may embarrass you of any tiny thing be it your look, Apparels, Hairstyle, Fashion statement or anything related to you then you are very prone to the fear or Social Phobia.

Remedies: Being confident every time will surely help you in overcoming the social phobia if you feel you have it.

Scopophobia - Core RoarScopophobia – Core Roar

3. Is somebody staring at me?

The extensive uneasiness or fear of thinking that somebody is staring at me or watching me is called as Scopophobia.

 Symptoms: Whenever you are in a gathering or public place and you feel that people are watching you or staring at you only, such anxiety symptoms depicts that you may be a victim of Scopophobia.

 Remedies: Believing in yourself is the only key to get rid of this strange phobia. Always think that you are a celebrity and people are very keen to copy your style. I am sure you will soon overcome your Scopophobia.

Agyrophobia - Core RoarAgyrophobia – Core Roar

4. Oh! Crossing road is a difficult task for me?

The anxiety symptoms of crossing road, highways, streets or intersections became most common amongst us and are called as Agyrophobia.

Symptoms: When a road is to be crossed you get afraid of crossing it thinking somebody may hit you or somebody may met with an accident because of you, this shows the anxiety symptoms and you may be aggrieved by Agyrophobia.

Remedies: Always following the traffinc rules, awareness and activeness while crossing roads may become the boons in defeating this fear of crossing roads and NEVER shy in asking for help from others in crossing roads.

Satanophobia - Core RoarSatanophobia – Core Roar

5. Satan will eat me?

The anxiety symptoms that a satan (Śaitāna) may come and kill me is called as Satanophobia. In India people especially kids are being scared with satan to let them stop doing something or to force them to do something.

Symptoms: When you are alone for sometime or in dark for an instance and you feel that some satan may come and kill or eat you, such anxiety symptoms indicates that you may get encircled by Satanophobia.

Remedies: Understanding the power which you have in you and transforming your attitude more into positive way will certainly assist you in obviating the Satanophobia.

Glossophobia - Core RoarGlossophobia – Core Roar

6. What! I have to speak in public?

The dread of speaking in public is the fear which has trapped almost 60% people of our societies in India. Such a fear is called as Glossophobia.

Symptoms: When you are asked to give a presentation or host a program in public and you feel an intrinsic anxiety in facing the public is a sign of you being held by the Glossophobia. Remember, small nervousness in facing public is quite normal and is not Glossophobia.

Remedies: Mirror Activity and practice of speaking in public are the only keys to foil Glossophobia. Practice must be regular and justified. Meditation is also effective in such phobia.

Syngenesophobia - Core RoarSyngenesophobia – Core Roar

7. OMG! My relatives are coming.

The fear of relatives sounds realy awkward but it is one of the common awes in India. Such a dread is called as Syngenesophobia.

Symptoms: If an extensive anxiety circumscribe around your mind when you hear of your relative/s visiting you, is an indication that you are lesser resistant to Syngenesophobia.

Remedies: Going into relatives’ gatherings and enjoying the time without thinking of any negatives. Just feel the ambience and rock as you do with friends and I am sure that your fear of relatives will gradually be ended up.

Aphenphosmphobia - Core RoarAphenphosmphobia – Core Roar

8. What if I am touched by somebody?

There is one more fear which gives birth to an intrinsic anxiety and this is the fear of being touched. Such a fear is called Aphenphosmphobia.

Symptoms: When you go out anywhere and you feel very uncomfortable and contemplated due to the fear of being touched by someone. You might be a victim of Aphenphosmphobia.

Remedies: Being strong and smart from inside are the activities which will surely help you in winning your own fear of being touched.

Chaetophobia - Core RoarChaetophobia – Core Roar

9. No, my hair can never fall!

In India people are also afraid of hair particularly detached hair. Such a fear is called as Chaetophobia.

Symptoms: When you comb and find you detached hair in the comb, you became very ill at ease and fell this for a long then you might be encircled by Chaetophobia.

Remedies: Understanding and accepting that falling 100 hairs in a day is normal but if the problem is continued for a long and baldness is shown, consulting a specialist doctor is recommended because just fearing of it can never help you in overcoming it.

Phobophobia - Core RoarPhobophobia – Core Roar

 10. Am I suffering from any phobia?

A fear of having a phobia is called as Phobophobia. It is an interesting phobia and very prominent phobia amongst us.

Symptoms: If you hear word phobia and a strange feeling of anxiety or fear of having any phobia arises in your mind then there may be a possibility of you having Phobophobia.

Remedies: Always being cool and calm with a feel of living each moment of your life with joy may led to lessen down such phobia in you. Transforming lifestyle as to live it fearlessly is the activity which keeps you away from phobias.

We all have one or the other kind of phobias or anxiety but the percentage of acquisition may vary. We all have to identify our phobias and fight against it or them. I am sure the life will be better that it is now once you have that confidence and fearlessness in you.

I agree that the fear of parents for their children can never be fought against but, the fear of parents for their daughter to be safe is to be fought against by each one of us. It is to be overcome with the transformation of thinking to respect females.

“Be human, be Indian”

Vikrant Dhama

Born on the day when 44th Golden Globes Award function was organized. The day itself was an auspicious one. Since then I have been known to many and many people known or unknown to me. I believe in research and explore the logic behind everything that happens around and I notice it. Writing is not a developed skill it is a developing skill for all. It keeps on developing since one starts writing and so as for me.

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