Story Name:- 5 Most beautiful Stations of Indian Railways

September 11, 2015

Finding 5 Most beautiful stations of Indian Railways out of about 7000 stations was really a difficult task. We all know that India is a country of which measures 3, 214 Kilometers from North to South and 2, 933 Kilometers from East to West in South Asia at north of the equator between 8°4′ and 37°6′ north latitude and 68°7′ and 97°25′ east longitude. Indian Railways has shown the potential to connect north to south and east to west parts of the country. It being one of the largest railway networks in the world has maintained its dignity by service. Here, I unveil 5 most beautiful stations of Indian Railways; which are found by me and my team as undoubtedly worth listing.

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway StationLocation: New Delhi, New Delhi, India; New Delhi station of Indian Railways is one of the busiest and largest stations in India with 18 railway tracks. It was opened in 1926 and formerly operated by East India Railway Company. It has got the traffic of more than 50,000 passengers daily. New Delhi Railway Station of India Railways handles over 350 trains daily with 16 platforms for them.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Station

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; Mumbai, the name itself tells the popularity of the place in India as well as outside the country and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Indian Railways makes it more significant by its architecture and history. The station is designed in Indo – Saracenic style of architecture. It was opened in May, 1888. It is named as “World Heritage Monument” by UNESCO. The station makes Indian Railways proud with its listing in one of the beautiful railway stations in the world. It is operating with 23 lines and 18 platforms where more than 3 Million train commuters walk through daily.

Chennai Central Station

Chennai Central Station

Location: Chennai, Madras, India; Chennai Central Station of India Railways was opened in 1873 and rebuilt in 1959 and 1998. The station is built in Romanesque structure. The entire complex of the station has 15 platforms to handle the traffic of more than 350, 000 passengers who travel here daily. The station of Indian Railways is extended to the length of 950 meters and is very famous and appropriate for many televisions featured films and novels.

Howrah Railway Station

Howrah Railway Station


Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India; One of the oldest stations and largest railway complexes in India is Howrah Railway Station of Indian Railways. It was opened in 1854 and has got 23 platforms with 26 railway tracks. It is planned and designed in a way that it has highest train – handling capacity of any other stations in India. The arriving and departing passengers are happy with the facilities available at the station and Indian Railways is proud to have such a beautiful and large station in the serving list.

Cuttack Railway Station

Cuttak Railway Station


Location: Cuttack, Odisha, India; This is one of the beautiful railway stations of India. It was opened in 1896 and operating with 5 platforms. The cleanliness and management is one of the priorities of the station authorities. This railway station of Indian Railways is amongst the top 100 ticket booking stations. Its design is inspired from the Barabati Fort, a renowned monument that was built in the 14th Century along the Kalinga region.

India and its citizens are very proud of Indian Railways for serving everyone with such a huge network and facilities. We all thankful to the team which operates 24 X 7 to handle each and every tiny to huge factor to keep the services up… Hats – Off.


Vikrant Dhama

Born on the day when 44th Golden Globes Award function was organized. The day itself was an auspicious one. Since then I have been known to many and many people known or unknown to me. I believe in research and explore the logic behind everything that happens around and I notice it. Writing is not a developed skill it is a developing skill for all. It keeps on developing since one starts writing and so as for me.

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