Story Name:- 5 Things to be active and fresh all day

May 18, 2015


You must have felt the lack of activeness and freshness as a day ends. Did you ever think why does it happen? Okay, be it for any reason; let us now talk about the 5 easiest and simplest ways to avoid such conditions. Dullness, motivation, higher energy, good feel, negative thoughts all are the yield of our brain. Oh! I am not talking about any intense practice to perform rather penning down some best ways to control you own mind and keep charged all time whether you are at work, home, office or anywhere. Trust me following these 5 simple steps you can enjoy a newer you, a fresher you.

8 Minutes workout


Workout in the morning when you wake up plays an important role in keeping you active all day. According to a research and practical exercising at least 8 minutes a day keeps you fit and fresh all day. Exercising can include any physical workout be it jogging, aerobics, dance or jumps. More you increase the time of exercise more you get ability to stay fresh whole day even if there is an excess work you do in office.

Healthy Food


Food is a vital part of our daily routine. The food we eat directly impacts our physical and mental strength. Food we eat must be healthy and easily digestible. Food has to be chosen according to season, time and its effect. Always try to include salad, green vegetables, yogurt or whey, cereals, pulses and fruits in your diet. It is not to be eaten at a time but can be classified according to the time. Eating healthy food will keep you charged and hence active till you go back to bed.

Listening to Music


Music is not just about tempo, lyrics, music and party it is something more than that. Music has the power to fill one up with energy and life. Listening to music whenever you get time acts as a therapy to let your brain attain peace level which invokes you to be more active and joyful. When listening to music becomes your habit and daily routine, it surely benefit you in be energized even when you have extra works to be completed in work.

Helping One


When you feel that you are getting low in your energies, try to find out somebody out who really need your help. When you help a needy person it gives you an immense pleasure and mental satisfaction which directly wakens your mind up and motivates you to from inside to work. Helping a needy does not means by money only, if you think giving money is an act to encourage beggary offer them some food, clothes or any help they need and you can. Doing this on a regular basis not only charges you up but also propagates humanity.



Meditation is one of the best practices to control all your moods and energies. It is the simplest and fastest method to energize oneself. Meditation does not require many resources, and space to be done rather it can be performed during your free time even sitting in your chair. Close your eyes and thin about all good things happened with you in the previous day. Believe me, it really gives you an internal power to get charged up and be fresh all the time. It also makes you so nice that you give a real smile to people you talk to.

Our life always goes wherever we take it to. There are many reasons to stop one from doing something good but, there are multiple logic to do it. All depends on us how we think and how we want to live.


Vikrant Dhama

Born on the day when 44th Golden Globes Award function was organized. The day itself was an auspicious one. Since then I have been known to many and many people known or unknown to me. I believe in research and explore the logic behind everything that happens around and I notice it. Writing is not a developed skill it is a developing skill for all. It keeps on developing since one starts writing and so as for me.

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