Story Name:- Is media playing its role correctly?

May 25, 2015

Media is an important means for any country to get uplifted with an all over development and awareness. It is like a book/ information source which people read or see and follow accordingly. But, what if the information source is loaded with the content which may affect people of the country with sharp or steady adverse effects. Today a question arose in my mind and I believe the same arises in your mind everyday too “Is media playing its role correctly?”. I got some situations somewhere answering the quest and am writing here.



Media, which is known as the fourth pillar of any democracy besides legislature, executive and judiciary, where it exists. This plays a vital role in any society to make the system of government and its policies transparent to its people. Media raises the questions from the side of common people to the government and has the right to do so which makes it an autonomous body. It may be in any form like printing, electronic and social  but the main question  in front of  us  to know is; is media going in right direction or has any issues to be rectified? Let yourself decide how it should be?

For a developed country media can focus on entertainment programs (i.e. repeating reality shows and serials) or beyond the basic needy issues because that country has fulfilled its basic requirement to its society therefore its society now demands to enjoy from all the channels,  moreover, media is free to earn through advertisements and can not be claimed for not raising the voice of common people of its country because somehow these people are also living the life of luxury in comparison to under developed countries. If the parameter to become happy is only money, this must be right !


Now, you might be thinking how developing and poor countries’ media should work for its people to take them at least to the level of these developed countries’ people.

A developing and poor country where numerous issues viz. Social, political, economical exist, how a media can do such things as rich countries do? In these circumstances media can make its people aware of exact basic knowledge of science, politics, economics and others through its programs and then teach them to come out of false appreciation rather than let them enjoy and make media’s work only a lucrative business.


Let yourself think now! how a media can have the time to make its people understand and aware to live a luxurious life through advertising such products and services which are not in access of its common people; Where people are starving for food, down with corruption, envisaging racial system and confronting in stable political system etc, media can do much more in making its country better through showing such programs and news in papers and Television which can help every person of each sector in the country.

Concluding now I must say that if  a TV media channel or a Newspaper focuses on teaching its country’s citizens rather than expecting their reactions on news, can help a country to make the most of its manpower.

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