Story Name:- Reasons Why Relationship Break up is More Effective

July 10, 2015

We think our life is over when we go through a break up, don’t you? But, sometimes it motivates us to do things and think in ways we never did before. I am listing some effective benefits of relationship break up, by reading them you can see why it might be a healthy option for you.


Being out of a relationship gives you an opportunity to step back and evaluate yourself.When you are in relationship it is not possible to give time for yourself.After a breakup, you will have all the time to spend with yourself and to reconnect with who you are as an individual rather than as part of a couple.

No More compromise who you were for someone else

Who you were before the relationship and who you were within it could have been vastly different. When the two of you first started dating, you needed to spend every waking moment together, talking, laughing. When you are together it may possible sometimes you have to give up your freedom of choice or give up your dreams for the sake of a relationship .
That’s why use your single hood as a way to get back in touch with the core of who you are. Be happy with who you are and you will attract people who share your values and tastes in life.

Finally, Time to Hang out with your friends

Do you still remember those guys with whom you spent your childhood or shared the best/worst moments of your life before you had a girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, now you can spend as much time with them as you want.A break up might be a great time to reconnect with these people and see that you miss them. If you decide to get back into the relationship, you’ll hopefully remember that these guys are the ones who will always be there for you whenever you need.

Time to decide what you actually want

A breakup exposes a clue to why you haven’t found true love. There is a great opportunity in the end of a relationship to clearly see your romantic blind spot and to evaluate yourself which type of partner you need in your life , so you can make changes and attract someone who is meant for the real you.

Time to find your positive power

After a breakup, be sure to challenge yourself. Try things you never thought you would try and do things you never thought you could do. With each victory, you’ll regain your strength and realize just how far you’ve come.

Saurabh Paliwal

Writing is my passion. I believe writing is not just a use of paper-pen or keyboard rather it is a fight of thoughts and the winner comes out. Writing is an art and art always has hidden facts behind it. My art has got many facts about its start up but the only fact to be known to all is that I am a born writer.

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