Story Name:- Navratri 2017: ‘Shardhiya Navratri’ are starting 21st September onward, Good Time for ‘Kalash Sthapna’ and Ways to worship.

September 19, 2017


New Delhi.’Shardhiya Navratri‘ are starting from 21st September in the year 2017 (Thursday). During this divine period of nine days i.e. Navratri, Goddess Durga and her 9 forms are worshiped. According to Indian History, these 9 days are of prime importance.In the worship of Mother Durga, attention is given to the special place of worship.

Good Time for Mother Durga’s ‘Ghata Sthapana’ in year 2017

The most important partof the ‘pujan‘ in Navratri is ‘Mata Ki Chowki‘which is decorated and settledafter watching the auspicious time. To set up a ‘Chowki‘, devotees have the time duration of 1 Hour 56 Minutes i.e. from 0611 Hrs (06:11 AM) to 0808 Hrs (08:08 AM) on the 21st of September.

Importance of Integrated Flame (Akhand Jyot) in Shardhiya Navaratri 2017

Due to burning of continuous flame (Akhand Jyot) in Navratri, always the grace of Goddess Durga remains in the house. Not necessarily burn intact flame (Akhand Jyot)in every house. Actually there are some rules of continuous flame (Akhand Jyot)that have to be followed in Navaratri. Hindu tradition/ history is that houses which burn gluttonous flames (Akhand Jyot) have to sleep on the ground.


In ‘Shardhiya Navaratri‘ 2017, these 9 forms of the Mother will beworshiped along with Worship Color of Respective Day

21 September 2017 (Thursday) : Worship of Mother Shailputri, Color of the Day: Yellow
22 September 2017 (Friday) : worship of Mother Brahmacharini,Color of the Day:Green
23 September 2017 (Saturday) : worship of mother Chandraghanta,Color of the Day:Grey
24 September 2017 (Sunday) : Worship of Mother Kushmanda,Color of the Day:Orange
25 September 2017 (Monday) : Worship of Mother Skandamata,Color of the Day:White
September 26, 2017 (Tuesday) : Worship of Mother Katyayani,Color of the Day:Red
27 September 2017 (Wednesday) : worship of mother Kalratri,Color of the Day:Royal Blue
28 September 2017 (Thursday) : Worship of Mother Mahagauri,Color of the Day:Pink
September 29, 2017 (Friday) : worship of mother Siddhidatri,Color of the Day:Purple
30th September 2017 (Saturday) : Dashami Tithi, Dusshera

How To do ‘Kanya Pujan

Keeping these things in mind while worshiping the daughters (Kanyas), desire of Navratri will prove to be true. Invite nine girls and bays (languria). Langur is called as the mother’s protector Hanuman. Remember that Kanyawill remain incomplete without languria. First wash the feet of the girls and providethem aasana to Sit. Tie Mauli i.e. Kalawa in theirhands and ApplyTilakon their forehead. Serve them prasad and Bhojanto eat and once they are satisfied with all these you may offerthem gift according to your strength. Also, to enjoy the whole procedure in fullest, you may play ‘Mata ke Bhajans‘ and dance with all the girls and boys. You will feel that moment more divine and energetic.

Vikrant Dhama

Born on the day when 44th Golden Globes Award function was organized. The day itself was an auspicious one. Since then I have been known to many and many people known or unknown to me. I believe in research and explore the logic behind everything that happens around and I notice it. Writing is not a developed skill it is a developing skill for all. It keeps on developing since one starts writing and so as for me.

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